Mission Statement

Moving with the times…

It is our objective to become the market leader by constant improvement. It is our belief that in this ever evolving business honesty is key to integrity and trust.

FCS Services are united in our approach to promote the benefits of pre-partnering giving our clients access to our financial health, training, health & safety, customer care, quality assurance and environmental commitment.

We are building a name and reputation as one of the industry’s leading mechanical contractors specialising in large high-rise office developments.

Our time at Canary Wharf has allowed us to develop our skills in understanding the complexity and diversity of construction and recognising the high levels of skills from craftsmanship to IT ability.

Our progress has enabled us to be associated with some of the most significant commercial developments in the country and has shown the importance of working as a team.

In the future we hope to use our expertise and accumulated knowledge to share with others in helping them to become more ambitious and to continually improve standards within the industry.

We as a company are focused on promoting quality and having a willingness to listen to innovative ideas in order to achieve our client’s objectives. From this bedrock we have forged good relationships with new and existing clients.

FCS are committed to customer care and we pride ourselves in providing that personal touch of 'putting our customers first' and by fulfilling our contractual obligations.

Unlike others, we believe in being ‘User Friendly’. Leaning away from the more traditional, and now rather antiquated, confrontational approach we believe is not suited for today’s fast track programmes. It is this eagerness to expedite and deliver which has led to our meteoric rise and recognition in this sector.

In recent years there have been significant steps forward in improving health & safety standards within the industry, FCS make no exception to its importance by making it one of their top priorities when fulfilling any contract. The importance of Health and Safety is exemplified by the numerous on-site safety awards achieved on our previous projects, in part resulting from the commitment to the investing and training of our employees.

As laid out in our Environmental Policies we live in an age where Energy Efficiency and Sustainability is of vital significance, at FCS we are committed to encouraging and developing new methods of sustainable work as well as looking into introducing new equipment and technologies that meet the demands of this crucial culture.

FCS have dedicated time and effort focusing and understanding the new building regulations and by comprehending the requirements set out for the future. We must, and will, continue to move with the times.

FCS's headquarters located in Canary Wharf

'Moving with the Times'

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