FCS Services can manufacture ductwork from their Watford manufacturing plant which houses our highly trained and motivated sheet metal workers, welders, CAD/CAM operators, loaders and quality controllers. The modern machinery at our disposal produces ductwork and fittings to the specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork DW144.

The manufacturing plant utilises CAD/CAM optimised plasma laser cutting machinery, as well as the latest CFG profile auto duct automatic flange forming machine, capable of producing straight lengths of ductwork from start to finish in approximately 14 seconds.

FCS is also UK licensed to manufacture and install Promat durasteel fire rated ductwork. DURADUCT SMT and LT ductwork systems are made from DURASTEEL sheet: a non combustible composite of fibre cement, reinforced by mechanical bonded galvanised sheet steel. DURASTEEL is highly resistant to impact damage and moisture and retains its mechanical integrity even when saturated.  DURASTEEL systems will provide up to 4 hours fire protection to suit the demands of modern developments. Examples of DURASTEEL usage are: car park extracts, sub-station ventilation, smoke extract and kitchen extract systems.

For visits to our manufacturing facility just contact us and we will be glad to arrange on for you

CFG profile auto-flange forming machine; located at FCS' manufacturing plant

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